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      I have the following Questions/Comments related to the latest version of MapViewer Install on WebLogic/Windows Server (WLS ver

      1. When installing MapViewer, the documentation suggests not needing to expand the ear file, but there is some question as to where to get an initial version of the MapViewerConfig.xml file. I assume you can pull if from the documentation, but shouldn't there be copy external to the ear file? (or do you copy it from the deployed version)

      2. Specifying the location of the MapViewerConfig.xml file. Section suggest setting a property in the setDomainEvn.sh file. It is assumed that the windows equivalent file is "setDomainEnv.cmd". There is no "–Djava.awt.headless=true" property within the "setDomainEnv.cmd file. (note it is not contained within the setDomainEnv.sh in WLS ver either. I successfully deployed this within the java options, but not exactly sure it is in the correct location.

      3. http://www.example.com:8888/mapviewer/omserver?getv=t returns Ver11_1_1_7_1_B130516 -- assume this works

      4. http://localhost:8888/mapviewer -- login works.

      5. http://localhost:8888/mapviewer/fsmc/tutorial/demos.html -- doesn't work. In reviewing the deployed version, no tutorial folder exists -- how do you get to the tutorials?

      6. When performing a MapViewer restart from within the Admin page, WLS provides an error stating that the mds.xml file was missing from the MapViewerConfig.xml folder. Should this file be there? This was not in the install instructions (to my knowledge).

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          1. Yes we will bundle the config files (there are two now, mapViewerConfig.xml plus the new mds.xml file) and upload them to OTN for download in the next couple days. In the mean time you can unzip the mapviewer.ear and the web.war file inside it to a temp folder, then copy the two .xml files from the WEB-INF/conf/ directory to the folder of your choice.

          2. We will fix the doc with regard to the reference of -Djava.awt.headless; but it sounded like you were able to add the -Doracle.maps.config option to that file. To verify if this option was actually picked up and used by mapViewer, you can log into mapViewer's admin console, click Management then Configuration. On top of the configuration data, there is a File Location field which shows where the mapViewerConfig.xml file is being loaded.

          5. The new mapviewer.ear no longer ships any tutorial/demo/sample request or online API docs; all of those are now packaged into the separately deploy-able MVDEMO application (which you can download from the same OTN mapviewer site since version This was mentioned in the release note (http://download.oracle.com/otndocs/products/mapviewer/mapviewer_11p6_readme.txt).

          6. Please refer to 1 above about needing both .xml files (mds.xml and mapViewerConfig.xml) for mapviewer to function properly.