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    Oracle APEX Plugin Development in v4.2.2

    Tony F.
      I was wondering if people could please assist with Oracle APEX Plugin development and whether the following requirement is possible and if so, would appreciate the type of coding behind it.

      I basically would like to be able, via a plugin, create a form with say six page items, where two of those page items might be LOVs, another two are page items are text fields, where users have to enter values and the remaining two are display items only.

      Based on this form requirement, I want to be able to upload/install this plugin within other Oracle Application Express apps/schemas, so when installed within other apps, this plugin is rendered within a region and the data is stored within a table in that schema, but using the form described above.

      Can this be achieved building a plugin in Oracle APEX and if so, any pointers on how, would be much appreciated.