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    Deleting all user level customizations

    Jaap Spiering
      In our WebCenter Portal 11g, PS5 with latest bundle patch, we have quite a few user-level customizations stored in MDS.
      However, we have just changed our user base (different LDAP), so many of the users are no longer valid.

      Does anyone know of a nifty way to delete all the existing user level customizations (and whatever else is stored in MDS on the user level)?
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          Daniel Merchán
          Hi Jaap.

          I think that you will need to code some Java using MDS API to achieve your purpose.

          I though in a solution based on next ideas:
          1) Analyze metadata paths used by WebCenter in adf-config.xml (It indicates root path folders where apply customizations).
          You have to take entries that are using oracle.webcenter.webcenterapp.internal.metadata.WebCenterUserCC customization class
          2) Use MDS API to go every possible /cust/user folder of preconfigured paths of MDS and remove it. You can decompile previous class to check how and where is storing User customization class.

          However the approach couldn't be good. Why?.
          1) If you download and double check MDS paths (where user customizations are) always is using user name encrypted and then isn't easy generate MDS path to remove user customizations. Should investigate where and how is encrypting user when storing.
          2) You have to know what users are obsolete because you have to generate the path based on that userID (encrypted).

          It's only an idea in my mind. Don't know if exists better approach or something OOTB to delete User customization of obsolete users.

          I hope this help you.

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            Jaap Spiering
            Hi Daniel,

            thank you for the comprehensive answer. I'm afraid that indeed the best solution is to create some custom tool to achieve this requirement.

            Some links for reference:

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              Daniel Merchán
              Hi Jaap.

              If you activate "Customization Manager Task Flow" I remember that it allow you to remove "All Customizations" or "User only Customizations" (you can select which layer).

              If you find something easier and OOTB share it :).


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                Jaap Spiering
                Hi Daniel,

                thanks for pointing me to that link. I think I read about the Customization Manager once, haven't tried it yet. I'll have a look at it :)