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    Dataguard 'max protection' mode failed

      Testing Dataguard in MAX PROTECTION mode on Oracle on Solaris x86_64.

      Test 1: Primary remained up allowing transactions to continue inspite of the fact that the server running the standby database was not reachable. Waited for over 10 minutes and then cancelled the test. All that happened was the protection_level changed to resynchronization. I could not believe my eyes. Is this possible?

      Test 2: The primary shutdown automatically but after about 6 minutes of the standby database was shut abort. So what about all those transactions that took place during those 6 minutes? Those would be lost - isnt it?

      I just cant believe this. Where am I going wrong? I confirmed that LAD_2 was set to lgwr sync affirm. And that protection mode was set to 'maximum protection'.

      Somebody, pls enlighten me?


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