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    Multi-line Label Question

      MapViewer v11. MapBuilder v11.
      My understand is that that if, within a text string a newline character char(10) exists, then a new line will be inserted in the text. This is true if the text style be used contains honor-newline="true" , and
      The newline character is represented as follows with the text string = '%26#10;'

      The following string was attempted Feature_text varhar2(100) is
      HCURVE %26#10;RADIUS: .0301 %26#10;LENGTH: 147 %26#10;DELTA: 52.91

      <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
      <svg width="1in" height="1in">
            <g class="text" float-width="2" float-color="#FFFFFF" sticky="true" auto-wrap="true" wrapping-width="50" honor-newline="true" style="font-style:plain;font-family:Dialog;font-size:8pt;text-align:center;fill:#000000"> Hello World!
                  <opoint halign="center" valign="middle"/>
                  <text-along-path halign="center" valign="baseline"/>
      The results are that the auto-wrap works, but the honor newline does not.

      Is something missing here?
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          have you tried adding a "<\br />" to your label string?

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            Thank you so much for your response.

            I tried several variation of the "<\br />", with and without the first "\". This did not work.

            Aside from the MapViewer documentation, my original reference was from here: http://oraclemaps.blogspot.com/2009/07/multi-line-labels.html, but this approach does not seem to work.

            Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.
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              If your label text is in the database (i.e. feature_text) in your case then you just need to store the newline character itself (i.e. chr(10) ).

              So update your feature_text column to replace %26#10; with the newline character.

              update table_with_feature_text set feature_text = replace(feature_text, '%26#10;', chr(10));

              try rendering the theme with the multi-line labeling again.