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    Updating and deleting multiple rows


      I have a form on a table with report page where I can filter data through columns.

      1. Is it possible to create a button that will delete all the filtered data?

      2. Also, I would like to be able to update any column of the filtered dataset to a certain value (that needs to be input somehow). Is that possible?

      So far I can only update or delete one row at a time, which isn't useful as I sometimes need to change 100 rows at a time with the same value or delete them.
      When I use tabular form, I can't filter rows, but I can delete multiple rows...
      Also if there are similar examples, could you please send me a link; I can't seem to find any.

      I'm using Apex 4.2.2.

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          Deleting multiple rows - [url https://forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=2159983]common question

          Best answered with Martin's example

          Depends how you filter your data. You could identify all your limiting variables, and reverse the where clause in a delete process.

          As for point 2, you can define a button that redirects to the page, and you can defined all the item values you like using the Action link.

          There is likely an example in the supplied package applications.

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            You can use parameters on the page to filter the data in Tabular Form.

            If this is not your requirement. Can you provide more information regarding this issue.


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