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    Consol1, Consol2, and Consol3  usage

      Hi all :)

      Could you explain what are Consol1, Consol2, and Consol3 used for? How to manage them and how to associate them with [Method]. I didn't understand it from user and admin guides. We didn't use this methods earlier. What extra ability do they give? Thanks.
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          Hi Mary,
          Consol1,2,3 are system accounts that you can use in HFM rules for custom consolidation purposes. You can use the "Display Options" button in the "Ownership Management" form in HFM web to unhide them and input values for setting up as additional consolidation parameters. These values can be retrieved by your custom consolidation rules at consolidation time, by using HS.Node.Consol1(), HS.Node.Consol2() and HS.Node.Consol3() functions in your code. Normally, you might use these system accounts if all other system accounts (like [PCON], [POWN], [DOWN] etc) are in use, or if you need to accommodate consolidation parameters that may exceed 100.

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            Hi Kostas N!

            So I can use Consol1, 2, 3 either as mark (but only a real number from 0 to 100), or as a percent of consolidation. And can I write by rules values to Consol1, 2, 3 by any method?

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              Hi again,
              In percentage accounts like [PCON] you cannot enter values greater than 100. However, Consol1,2,3 can get values greater than 100. You can write values to Consol1,2,3 by any method that applies for percentages. Those values (like percentages) are written to the intersections of the parent entity you have chosen, with the ICPs corresponding to child entities in the entity tree.

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