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    Probem in creating Solaris 10 branded zone on Solaris 11.0


      I'm creating a zone on HP Blade with Solaris 11.0 using VM template Solaris 10u10 (x86).

      I haven't /etc/defaultrouter file, my Solaris 11 is 11/11 and not Express version.

      The error shows that variable used for temporary directory is lost. It's very strange because I completed 5 installations in the same way without any problem. But two last just are stopping with this error:

      ./setupSysidcfgStaticIP[50]: America/Montreal/sysidcfg.VL-VM-LD104: cannot create [No such file or directory]
      cp: cannot access America/Montreal/sysidcfg.VL-VM-LD104
      chmod: WARNING: can't access America/Montreal/sysidcfg.VL-VM-LD104

      The "setupSysidcfgStaticIP" script is one of the many in the image which runs the creation of sysidcfg-file for the zone. It has 9 arguments to run:


      The sysidcfg-filename is calculated as SYSIDCFG=$TMPDIR/sysidcfg.$CONT <- here is the error, the $TMPDIR fails

      After that the script creates the file and renames it:
      /usr/bin/rm -rf $SYSIDCFG
      /usr/bin/sed -e s/RzoneR/$CONT/ $_tktHome/conf/sysidcfgStaticIP |\
      /usr/bin/sed -e s/RnicR/$NIC/ |\
      /usr/bin/sed -e s/RnetmaskR/$NETMASK/ |\
      /usr/bin/sed -e s/RdefaultrouterR/$DEFROUT/ |\
      /usr/bin/sed -e s/Rip_addrR/$IP_ADDR/ |\
      /usr/bin/sed -e s]RtimezoneR]$TZONE] |\
      /usr/bin/sed -e s]RpasswdR]$PASSWD] >> $SYSIDCFG
      /usr/bin/cp $SYSIDCFG $ZONEPATH/root/etc/sysidcfg
      /usr/bin/chmod 777 $SYSIDCFG

      The tmpdir is created and used in main script but it fails in the subroutine. I don't understand why it was used before without any problem and now it fails. I spent yesterday about 6 hours to debug it but still don't have any idea how to fix it.

      I use the image solaris-10u10-x86.bin .

      I cannot use the newer image solaris-10u11-x86.bin (which works perfectly) because it isn't certified for our production and the set of servers needs to be installed with the same patch level.

      Any help will be appreciated!


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