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    Looking for a solution to a problem with a ws query

      Wanted to post this issue I am having to see if there is something I missed in getting the results I need.

      Task: Need to process data coming from the Offer Revenue on create or modify (in certain conditions).

      Problem: I am using the Opportunity 1.0 service and querying on the ListOfProduct/ModifiedDate attribute. As this is not an indexed field, I am running into the 1 minute timeout to the ws call during various times of the day.

      Background: I have ruled out using Opportunity 2.0 as there is no condition on the parent to help return the correct set of data. I am using ListOfProduct/ModifiedDate only because the list of available "filterable" fields on ListOfProduct coming from the Opportunity is very limited (no indexed fields are filterable for this Child). Aside from the timeout condition, the tactic to filter on ModifiedData at least gets me the set of data and I do have other customized fields that are set based on workflow conditions to tell me what action needs to be performed. As we plan on expanding our use of Offer Revenue I fear that the timeout issue will quickly become a roadblock. I am considering using the Integration Event Queue and have requested the Queue size to be expanded but this too has issues as I do not think I can prevent a queue overrun in extreme conditions (and therefore events that are not recorded).

      So, my question to the audience is: Have I missed something here? Is there a better way to do this?

      Thanks in advance to any/all who see this.