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I am very new to Fusion HCM,when i trying to create a new location in workforce structure it is throws an error.

Error: faultName: {{}operationErroredFault} messageType: {{}workflowErrorMessage} parts: {{ payload=<operationErroredFault xmlns=""><faultInfo>ORABPEL-30082 WorkflowServiceEngine request to another component failed. Request operation CallFunctionStateless from default/HcmLocationsApprovalComposite!1.0*soa_c25322f3-b168-4bdf-bc55-ace63ffc71ca/CreateLocationApproval to CreateLocationApprovalRules_CreateLocationRuleSet failed with Business Fault: null. Check the underlying fault. Check target SOA component for cause. </faultInfo></operationErroredFault>} cause: {null}

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    Sorry but this error code does not seem familiar. You might want to try raising a ticket in or speaking to Oracle about it.
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    Details provided are not sufficient for debugging the cause. There are few similar exceptions documented in the support system for other HCM flows (e.g. Doc ID 1497540.1 for NewPersonEmploymentApproval) caused by approval rules that have not been setup correctly. While your flow is different the exception seems very similar so this may be caused by incorrect setup. For configuration refer to the [url]HCM documentation

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    Not 100% sure from the error message, but it looks to me as though your approval rules are defined wrong.
    Most common cause is often, that your user is an implementation user (i.e. not a person, and therefore without a manager), and your approval rules are configured to use the manager hierarchy.

    Check out the following support article:

    Fusion Global Human Resources : HR changes are getting stuck in approvals with SOAP connection messages [ID 1493243.1]

    Hope this helps.



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