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    Java 7 update21 security pop ups

      I am running java7 update21 and getting issues with my applets. I checked with oracle docs about java7 update21. There I got to know about refraining the use of unsigned applets and introduction of new security pop up,which prompts for either block or unblock the code, in Java7 update21. I don't want to see this prompt while running my applets. The workaround from the user perspective is check the "Enable-hide warning and run with protections". I want to block this with default java control panel settings.I want to block this prompt from code.I tried by adding manifest attribute Trusted-only as true as given in Oracle docs. My application is misbehaving after adding this attribute. Is there anyother approach i should proceed with?
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          I am having the same issue. In short - my unsigned application now prompts the user to 'accept'. From what I can tell, is it now impossible to have no security prompt? Even in the case of a signed applet with sandbox restrictions?

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            This is a big problem, i found this discussion http://www.labareweb.com/java-1-7-auto-update-deployment-with-sccmmdt/ is large but it has the answer
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              Hi MrBitFly
              actually the issue i was talking about was regarding the java 7 update 21 , in which Java has some security updates due to which the unsigned or self signed applets will be declared as unsafe and the user will be prompted for unblocking the applet code. I was facing the issue on signing the mixed code, so i need to stop those pop ups from my code. The link you specified was machine specific. you can check this link . I tried with trust-only attribute, this attribute blocking the prompts. But after the applets i run some js which render my page, so java is taking some time in rendering,which i think is due to blocking these prompts. Now i am trying by signing all my applets. Will share the result here.

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