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    WMTS with Web Mercator projection

      I am having trouble defining a WMTS theme with Map Builder that has a Web Mercator projection. This WMTS has been created using ESRI tools.

      I can create the definition, with Map Builder, and it reads the capabilities file ok, however when I try to preview the map I get a message in the console as follows:
      FINER: Requested area is out of the service area: smallest Col or Row is larger than the dataset's.

      The coordinates I have selected are within the map area as I have copied them directly from ArcMap with this WMTS loaded. I also know that the WMTS definition works as I have succesfully loaded another WMTS that is not projected. I have not been able to find another WMTS that has a web mercator projection to see if this works though.

      Can anyone provide insight into what the problem is?