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    login in to oracle express 11g

      I'm having issues trying to log into oracle express 11g. It asks for user id and password and nothing I try works. The following statement is below the log in statement "

      Login as a database user which has been granted the DBA database role (for example, SYSTEM)." What am I supposed to use? The only thing I have created as far as user id and password is when I created my account for Oracle and these don't work in this area.
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          Did you try using the user name "system" and password you provided while installing.

          start up an sqlplus session and try connecting directly from sqlplus using system/<password you provided while installing>

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            Paul M.
            I created my account for Oracle
            Which account ? OS one ? BTW, what's your OS ?

            Anyway, if your OS user is member of OSDBA group (normally dba on Linux/Unix, ORA_DBA on Windows), and assuming your database is up an running, you can :

            - enter Sql command line

            - execute "conn / as sysdba"

            - from there, if you get connected, you can do what you want, for example change password for any user (e.g. SYSTEM), create users, and in general administer the database.

            If you get any errors, post here details.