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    Manager Search on HcmCompWorkbenchWorkarea.jspx

    Srinivasa Sunchu

      I am trying to run the HcmCompWorkbenchWorkarea.jspx page locally from my Fusion Customization Application on JDeveloper (Customization Role).
      There is a 'Search and Select: Manager' drop down on this page where I can select a Manager after searching on a popup that gets opened on the drop down.
      For some reason this search popup does not show any results. Prevously whenI had this issue, I replaced my system-jazn-data.xml from my colleauge and after rebooting the laptop
      it worked, but now it does not. I am thinking its got something to do with the Security. On my Customization APplication's Project I did set this project property:

      JDeveloper -> Project Properties -> Run/Debug/Profile -> Edit -> Java Options -> -DDISABLE_FND_DATA_SECURITY=Y

      Any help is highly appreciated!!


      Srinivasa Sunchu

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