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      • 15. Re: How to programatically click the LINK icon in first row of report
        Hi Leckraj,

        I added the test to the application.
        The test now looks like
        ($v("P2_FIRST_TIME") != 1  && $("td[headers='LINK'] a").length > 0)
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          Hi Kees,

          Works correctly now,even with a null record.

          This has really been bugging me for the past days,everyone running my demo saying "Ok...but..."

          No convincing them that clicking on the pencil icon is intuitive "To you maybe..but not any user.."

          If you have some time, no hurry,you could explain the PL/SQL bit where you submit a "null;" and "page item to submit" P2_FIRST_TIME. Why?

          I have been looking at window.location.assign() also, so maybe this can be used to copy the link of a button to an application item or a
          global button and then assign that link to another button and then click it. Could be used to get an interactive report with a button in each row
          to call a master-detail record, as the master-detail forms do not have the interactive feature themselves.

          Thanks so much for taking the time to help, and also to fac586 and Tom.


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            leckj wrote:

            When a user logs in and navigates to the page where his personal details are maintained,there will obviously be
            only one record in the report. As this will an internet facing application, I do not want to have to tell the user
            "If you want to change your background data ,go to the top of the page,find something looking like a pencil,click
            on it,the data will then be displayed,and you can make the changes."

            If on page load,I check if there is a record on top and one of the mandatory in the fields is NULL,i do a programmed
            click et voila.
            A report can be used to display user-related information, but if there's a 1:1 relationship between the user and the key used in the form, the key value can be retrieved it in a Before Header computation or process on entry, without any need to include a link in the report and perform clicks—real or simulated—thereon. See page 11.
            This programmed clicking is also something I might use elsewhere,so its good to know.
            I've been using APEX for 8 years and I've never needed it.
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              That would be ideal. Would it be a SELECT into the form fields followed by a Refresh, or is there some easier way,using the framework actions?

              This will come in handy,specially if there are no buttons on hand to click.

              I will need this when I build a page with multiple form regions, and I would want some initial data to be displayed there from the first data record
              in each form. Better than having the user see blank forms.


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