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    Oracle 11g OMS: Database Instance Home Tab:  Page Refreshed Timezone Issue

      Hi all...I've searched the forums and search engines for specific information on this issue, but have not seen a viable solution so far. We have Oracle 11g Grid Control
      installed on a Solaris V490 using Solaris 10, with an Oracle database.

      The Database instance Home tab for all 50+ databases shows the date and time of the 'Page Refreshed' in GMT. The OS and the Agent software both are configured
      with the TZ set to US/Eastern. All other page displays e.g. Performance, Availability for Data Guard Standby etc. all show the refreshed time in EDT, it is ONLY
      the Home tab for the instance that has the GMT format.

      I have not seen any threads or other information that describes specifically how to correct this or even to change it. There are many related posts about the Agent
      end.properties, the OS /etc/timezone configuration parameters, the TZ environment variable etc. but in my case they are all set properly.

      Does anyone have any additional ideas or suggestions or knowledge about how , or even whether, this can be resolved?