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    frmservlet mixed with jsp

      Oracle Experts,

      We have the front end Apache web server.
      We have oracle forms running as an OC4J application on weblogic 11g.
      We have our jsp/java application running on weblogic 11g.

      Now, We have an Oracle Forms application running on https://ourserver:8088/forms/frmservlet?...
      And we know it 's working.
      Now we have a java application that is deployed in https//ourserver:9011/login/main.jsp
      We have a login.jsp that will set a session attribute then redirect to main.jsp like this:


      1. And we want to copy this login.jsp to a directory where we run our forms, so that we would want to run as:


      Is this possible? If yes, where would we put login.jsp, i.e., the directory structure.

      2. If not, then how would you modify the URL, for example, like?


      And how would you accomplish this? config the front end apache web server? config weblogic server?

      Note: We want to pass the session attribute in login.jsp and retrieve it in main.jsp.
      So our login.jsp contains as described above. And our main.jsp contains:

      login_typ = <%= session.getAttribute("LOGIN_TYP") %>