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      I am using shp2sdo to load shape files in 11g.
      shp2sdo utility creates control file in which it add a key word TRUNCATE.
      Is there any parameter in shp2sdo utility to make this as APPEND.
      I need to edit control file for every load.

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          I did some searching for shp2sdo and only found shp2sdo.exe. Does anybody know if there is a script for Linux?
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            John O'Toole
            Shp2sdo is old hat and I haven't used it in years. When I want to load occasional Shape files to Oracle I use GeoRaptor (http://sourceforge.net/projects/georaptor/) - when I want to script a loading job I use FME if I have it available or GDAL (http://www.gdal.org/ogr/drv_oci.html).

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              Thanks John.

              I have tried sql developer georapter, only disadvantage is i could not append new records to existing table.
              I have also tried mapbuilder, only one shape file can be loaded at once.
              I need to explore FME and GDAL.
              Is GDAL free to download, Is it OS level utility, can you elaborate further ?

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                Stefan Jager
                Hi Don,

                check the link John gave you, it gives you all the information you need. If you need to do this import regularly, it is a good option since it's command line driven. Which means you can use batch- or command scripts to run it whenever needed.

                FME is extremely powerfull, but comes at a price (proprietary software). it's really great for large ETL's that you need to execute often.

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                  i have checked the link.
                  do i need to download oracle spatial driver, i dont see any link to download, is there any documentation on how to use this driver ?
                  not clear what to download, how to proceed ?

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                    Stefan Jager
                    You checked the link but did not explore that website any further? There's a wealth of information there, just go back to the root and start reading. In your case you need the [url http://www.gdal.org/ogr/index.html]OGR Library.