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    How do I load .SHP files into a DB?

      Hi everybody, I'm new to Oracle Spatial. In the last week I've been learning how to insert, query and process spatial data with Oracle, but there is another important thing I need and I don't know how to do it: I'm talking about loading into my Oracle DB the data contained in a shapefile (.shp). I'm used to work with PostGIS and if someone also did, I'm sure he knows the magnificient shapefile loader it has.

      Is there something like that in Oracle Spatial? If not, what is/are the best options to do it? Thank you very much!
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          John O'Toole
          This is a very common question, so I'd start with a search:


          Personally, I use GeoRaptor to load shapefiles into Oracle Spatial. This is a SQLDeveloper plugin that any user of Oracle Spatial should not do without.
          You can get GeoRaptor from here:

          And here's some doco explaining how to use it to load Shapefiles:

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            OK i like [MapBuilder |http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/mapviewer/downloads/index-100641.html] who can even honor [CPG file|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shapefile] of shape file while importing.

            See this thread for more info. +(thanks for Joao and his team for doing this)+

            Re: Importing Multiple Shape Files with UTF-8 encoding into Oracle.
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              Thanks both of you. I've been testing your recomendations and:

              -I didn't get GeoRaptor to work. I tried to install it following this guide: http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/georaptor/index.php?title=Installation but after I reload SQL Developer, GeoRaptor doesn't appear anywhere. It is supposed to be on the "View" submenu, but there is nothing there. I tried both the manual and the automatic update installation with no results (nor getting an error in the process).

              -MapBuilder seems to work fine but after I load a shapefile and try to see the data on the resulting table with SQL Developer, it usually freezes. I think that it needs so much time to present the results of a query that the program breaks. What could be the reason of this?
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                Simon Greener

                I'm the main GeoRaptor developer and developed the shapefile importer.

                Can you tell me:

                1. What version of SQL Developer you are using?
                2. What install method did you use? Did you use:
                Enter the following values into the dialog:
                Name: GeoRaptor
                Location: http://georaptor.sourceforge.net/install.xml

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                  That's it, I was using an older version of SQL Developer (though I installed Oracle just a week ago ¬¬). Now it does work. The only remaining problem is the issue with SQL Developer freezing when I access data of complex spatial tables.

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                    Simon Greener

                    I presume you are using 3.1?

                    If you can replicate the problem let me know.

                    But, understand that no testing has been done with SQL Developer 3.1 - the latest.

                    Some limited use of 3.1 has occurred at one of my customer sites where some issues arose that didn't before
                    e.g., if the Spatial View is not open, things like RightMouseClick on a result set, select GeoRaptor option results
                    in a message that say the Spatial View isn't open. Never happened before so it is something I have to look into.

                    (Problem is the SQL Developer team have little in terms of a dynamic relationship with extension builders and often
                    change APIs and operations without informing anyone such that we have to find out these problems in testing.)

                    I have some bug fixes close to ready to release but all this was done under SQL Developer 3.0. I plan to make a release
                    but there is so little (actually NO) feedback from end users (other than the GeoRaptor team) that we are wondering
                    whether to continue developing.

                    We get lots and lots of downloads but no comments - even an attempt to contact people via a KiwkSurvey about
                    GeoRaptor's future ( http://www.kwiksurveys.com/online-survey.php?surveyID=HHHMFN_2befd07f ) is proving disappointing
                    in the extreme with only 33 responses in 3+ months. This survey ends at the end of March so please take it as this will
                    form the basis of GeoRaptor's future.

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                      Yes, I installed 3.1

                      If I encounter any bugs or problems I let you know. At first sight GeoRaptor is working properly but like I said, I just made some first tests loading and viewing data. In a couple of weeks I'll have a better idea of its capabilities and problems it could have, and I'll take the survey before it's closed.

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                        Hello Simon:

                        Actually I'm facing a strange situation, when I go view>GeoRaptor>Load shapeFile, it does not show anything but the others options work normally.

                        Could u help me?

                        SQL Developer: version


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                          Simon Greener

                          You have struck a bug that missed testing for the last release.

                          I have fixed it and created an Early Access release which is available on the GeoRaptor SourceForge website. The new version number is: **

                          What should happen, and now does, is if no open connections exist then View>Georaptor>Load Shapefile pops up a dialog box saying no connections exist that it can use to load the shapefile.

                          If a connection is open, it will open the dialog and in the connections pulldown the current active one should be displayed.

                          If you open a connection and then right mouse click on the Tables node the dialog should simply open (even the broken one that you have - ** ).

                          Apologies all around.

                          Anyone want to be a beta tester?

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                            I came across your thread while looking for information on loading ESRI shapefiles into Oracle.

                            We are about to write an automated batch job to do just that and are planning to use the Oracle Shapefile converter - a java command line utility


                            The initail tests I have done based on the information in the above link show it works pretty well. (on Oracle

                            Don't know if this helps you or not.