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    when LDAP db initialized

      Hi there,

      Is it possible to find out when and what file used to do initialization of the Master? I rebuilt the LDAP database couple of months ago, but wanted to find out what day and what file i used to do the init task.
      If anyone has an idea, please share with me.


      BTW, i tried the following , but getting '0' as the value.

      ./ldapsearch -p 389 -1 -T -D"cn=Directory Manager" -w password -b"cn=replica,cn=\"o=domain.com\",cn=mapping tree,cn=config" -s one "objectClass=nsDS5ReplicationAgreement" nsds5replicaLastInitStart nsds5replicaLastInitEnd

      nsds5replicaLastInitStart: 0
      nsds5replicaLastInitEnd: 0
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          Marco Milo-Oracle
          in the instance's old error log files you should have something lilke:

          [01/Jun/2013:00:01:24 -0400] - DEBUG - conn=-1 op=-1 msgId=-1 - Backend Instance: example
          [01/Jun/2013:00:01:26 -0400] - Waiting for 6 database threads to stop
          [01/Jun/2013:00:01:27 -0400] - All database threads now stopped
          [01/Jun/2013:00:01:28 -0400] - import example: Index buffering enabled with bucket size 40
          [01/Jun/2013:00:01:28 -0400] - import example: Beginning import job...
          [01/Jun/2013:00:01:28 -0400] - import example: Starting to process and index entries
          [01/Jun/2013:00:01:29 -0400] - import example: Processing file "C:/odsee-"
          [01/Jun/2013:00:01:29 -0400] - import example: Finished scanning file "C:/odsee-" (160 entries)
          [01/Jun/2013:00:01:29 -0400] - import example: Workers finished; cleaning up...
          [01/Jun/2013:00:01:32 -0400] - import example: Workers cleaned up.
          [01/Jun/2013:00:01:32 -0400] - import example: Cleaning up producer thread...
          [01/Jun/2013:00:01:32 -0400] - import example: Indexing complete.
          [01/Jun/2013:00:01:32 -0400] - import example: Starting numsubordinates attribute generation.
          [01/Jun/2013:00:01:32 -0400] - import example: This may take a while, please wait for further activity reports.
          [01/Jun/2013:00:01:32 -0400] - import example: Numsubordinates attribute generation complete. Flushing caches...
          [01/Jun/2013:00:01:32 -0400] - import example: Closing files...
          [01/Jun/2013:00:01:32 -0400] - import example: Import complete. Processed 160 entries in 4 seconds. (40.00 entries/sec)

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            Yes, we can find out from the error logs, but we initialized the database more than 6 months ago and do not have error logs. I thought there might be a reference from the directory when and what file used last time to load the database.