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    Disconnect Application Module Upon Release and LOV NPE

      Jheadstart Release

      There seems to be some sort of incompatibility with some LOVs when I enable Disconnect Application Module Upon Release.
      I have an LOV based on an updatable VO with a bind parameter.
      When I first log on the application an try to use the LOV I get a NPE when I select the row from the LOV popup and press OK.
      If I navigate to another page and return the LOV starts working correctly

      The NPE occurs in line
      of LovItemBean
      getIterBinding().getCurrentRow() is null it this case.
      Do you have any hints?

      public void copyReturnValues(Map selectedRowData, Row baseRow, boolean copyToUI, boolean commaSeparated)
      // first clear any dependent items, if they exist
      if (getTableBean() != null)
      List keyList = new ArrayList();

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