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    using error codes from executables in chain rule logic

      Any help on this would be appreciated.
      I have a chain with a mixture of external (shell script) & plsql programs.
      The shell script returns 3 possible exit values: 0 (successful) ; 4 (warning) ; 8 (failed).
      I want to incorporate an error code into a chain rule so that if the step returns a particular error code (4); then the chain should not process any of the other steps but exit at that point.
      I can get it to exit if I use a rule like: condition; 'step1 FAILED' with an action of 'step1.error_code' but this caters for both error codes 4 & 8.
      What I want to say is:
      condition: 'step1 FAILED and step1 error_code = 4' with an action of 'END'.
      This does not work since the returned error code (in JOBSCHEDULER_JOB_RUN_DETAILS.additional_info is ...ORA-27369..., even though the JOBSCHEDULER_JOB_RUN_DETAILS.error# shows a value of 4.

      I have not posted any code at this point as I was wondering has anyone else had a similar issue and if anyone knows how to do this.