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    OCR and voting disk location

      Hi all,

      I'm testing to install an Oracle RAC database (11g) on linux RHE 5 with a shared storage DELL Equallogic SCSI SAN.
      I will setup a 2 nodes and i will use ASM for the database storage. I'm new in RAC database and i'm checking some docs and find that for the installation should have 3 volumes.
      1- volumes for OCR and voting disk
      2- volume for Database file (ASM)
      3- volume for flash Recovery area and archive log file (ASM)

      My question is which file system i will use for OCR and voting disk volume as i know for Datafiles and flash recovery area i will use ASM, but for voting disk i cannot use ASM because the system will access first OCR before starting ASm instance.

      If i will use other file system how can i do ?

      Thank you.
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          From 11g release 2 you can use ASM diskgroup for OCR and VOTING disk and prior to 11g release 2 we use RAW devices for them.
          Refer the Oracle documentation for how Oracle clusterware read ASM spfile and start ASM instance before reading OCR information.

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            Thank you Rarain,

            I will use then ASM for my voting disk and all other storage.
            Is the only way to create ASM disk is using ORACLE ASM Library or is there another way and what is the easiest.

            Thank you.
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              On Linux easiest way indeed is using asmlib as it takes care of permissions, mapping issues etc. There are other mothods like udev rules which can be used instead of asmlib.

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                As suggested if OS is Linux better to use the asmlib which takes care of disk permission, automatic mapping of disks at boot time etc, other option is to use operating system RAW mapping method like in linux we use udev rules.

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                  I disagree.. Use UDEV and MULTIPATHD and do NOT use asmlib. asmlib is not going to supported on all flavors of Linux. You need to pay attention to when things are "supported". While they may work for a bit, you cannot be guaranteed if it will be supported in the future.

                  If you don't know how to not use ASMLIB, when you move to a real compute platform like Sun, HP, AIX, you will have another learning curve.
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                    Thank you all for your help, actually i'm again facing problem in installing ASMlib, i cannot find ASMlib package for my OS even Raw device service is also not present.
                    My OS is CentOS 6 and Oracle 11g R2 RAC then installation type.

                    [root@Etopup-srv01 ~]# cat /etc/redhat-release
                    CentOS release 6.4 (Final)

                    Would you please help me what can i do to configure my ASM disk group ?

                    Thank you.
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                      Hi user13513449, Pls check certification matrix @ metalink for details on asm packages available for various flavors of *nix OS & Kernel releases & below mentioned link may help you a bit if you have RedHat Subscription,



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