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    event based scheduling - chain steps and event notification

      For one of the question Eddie had answered this:

      Events Based Scheduling

      Eddie: you had same mentioned on your blog and had following comment:

      "You can certainly use a job chain to implement the job dependency described in the example. In fact, you could have both a chain and an event-based job go hand in hand. You could even define a chain step that waits for a specific event (using DBMS_SCHEDULER.DEFINE_CHAIN_EVENT_STEP).

      For example, imagine you have a complex chain with 10 steps. You want to stop the whole job chain when step 2 fails for example. A clean way of implementing this requirement is to create an event handler to raise a Scheduler event. The job that consumes this event would terminate the job chain. In fact, you could build this “exception handling” for all steps. And let one event-based job handle the exceptions. "

      I am not following your design above but looks very interesting way to have a job that depends on chain and event and create event handler etc. Any example that walks through where job has both chain step and event dependency ? Also example that walks through of creating separate event handler as described above.?