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    more than on non global zone von V440: zone network traffic problem

      Hi all,

      Since years I work with zones on different x86 and sparc hardware. Now I had to install/update some zones on a V440 having more than one full root non-global zones.

      With one non-global zone all runs perfect as expected. If more than one non-global zone is booted non-global zone(s) have have problems with network traffic and also commands issued on one of the non-global zones (login in via ssh) hangs for seconds and then works again and so on. I guess due to ssh network traffic problems. Doing the same with zlogin from the global zone not problems occur. Testing ping latency also show partly high latentcy times or no imcp answer for the non-global zones

      I tested this on two different V440 with fully patched Solaris 10, using ce NIC or e1000NIC for the global zone and e1000g NICs for the full root non-global zones.

      No entries in any log I checked.

      Any hints about the problem are highly wellcome.