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    Please Help Me!!! I have problem while installing 11g RAC on Windows!!!

    User505978 - Oracle

      I have to configure a test environment on my pc. I need a 2-node RAC system which will run on Windows.

      Problem is this:

      I'm creating two networks on my nodes, public and private but when i come to grid installation, Oracle can not identify my networks. I cant see my public and private while installation.

      I entered my scan ips to hosts file but i am having an error about scan ip also. My host file looks like this: localhost.localdomain localhost
      # Public win7rac1.localdomain win7rac1 win7rac2.localdomain win7rac2
      #Private win7rac1-priv.localdomain win7rac1-priv win7rac2-priv.localdomain win7rac2-priv
      #Virtual win7rac1-vip.localdomain win7rac1-vip win7rac2-vip.localdomain win7rac2-vip
      #SCAN ( - in DNS) win7rac-scan.localdomain win7rac-scan win7rac-scan.localdomain win7rac-scan win7rac-scan.localdomain win7rac-scan

      INS-40725---- Unable to determine the existence of an interface with a subnet matching the SCAN VIP subnet.

      Really I'm stucked. I need to do this soon. I searched internet but i couldnt find anything.