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    X4240 corrupt firmware

      Bought one of these, just for home use/practice, went to upgrade fw and failed, so I am reading the docs re: corrupt fw reinstall - have USB stick, the latest .bin fw release and the DOS loader tools, all on USB, USB inserted in internal slot, but I'm having an issue booting it, the oracle docs aren't clear re: jumper cap, allegedly nr the AST chip, but the graphic for the jumper location points toward what seems to me to be a cable connector, that must an error but I can't figure out what jumper is meant.

      I tried a few, system boots but USB doesn't, bios has USB and DVD in brackets, indication will not be used fit boot, and exiting bios just leaves a blinking cursor...

      Any ideas?

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          Padmaraj Pj-Oracle
          Hello ,

          a) Check to confirm that the USB is enabled in BIOS ( Advanced -> USB config ) Also Confirm if the USB drive is detected under the Boot disks . If the drive is not seen , it wont boot.

          b) Confirm that the USB stick is bootable.

          c) Confirm that the following files mentioned in the Link are present - ( 4140 and 4240 uses the same system boards )


          d) Perform a Cold Power Cycle of the system ( remove power chords , wait for 2 mins and insert back)

          e) boot to see if the recovery works.


          f) try an alternate method using the u-boot recovery

          refer to - http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19121-01/sf.x4140/820-2396-18/spissues2.html#50446373_77408

          not sure if this will work in this case, but worth trying .