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    Clicking 'return' after drill down refreshes whole page ?

      Hello All

      I have created a simple dashboard with one page called 'Analysis'.

      On this analysis page i have included 2 reports both of whcih use drill downs :

      Report 1 - Sales by Time (Year- Quarter- Month- Week - Date )

      Report 2 - Sales by Industrial Class (Industrial Class - Group - Customer)

      For example :

      Drilling DOWN from year to quarter > month > week >date on report 1 is ok .

      However to drill back UP from date *(Lowest Level)* to year *(Highest Level)* you have to click on the return link. By doing this the whole page refreshes therefore in turn refreshing both report 1 and report 2

      Is there an way around this so the whole page does not refresh , but instead only refreshing the report the drill down is used on

      Please could you suggest any solutions

      Many thanks

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          K N Yadav
          Two possible ways,

          1. If you are using OBIEE 11g, use Hierarchy Columns to create your report. In this way you can see information from Top level to lowest level without navigating anywhere and without refreshing your page. Refer below link for more information;


          2. If you are using 10g, Open the target (after navigating from base report) report on new window. (No need to click go back, close the window which is not required ;) )

          Mark correct/helpful if it helps.