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    Remove order from Install Base

      hi ,
      We need to cancelled an order but presently order is completed i.e. close in our system. So we need to delete the item instance from the install base.
      it is giving two option from search item instance window i.e.
      a) we can expier the item and then it allow us to remove the order.
      b) we can update the status directly to cancelled (as seen in normal cancelled order).
      i am not pretty sure about both operation can anyone suggest me the suitable option to delet item from install base. also suggest if there is any option apart from above two using which we can completely remove item from install base.

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          Can you explain your business case a little more?
          could not understand why are you trying to cancel a closed Order.

          And what do you want to change in IB?

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            If you wish to remove all order items from Install Base, you can chose the option to "EXPIRE" them. This is a better option. You may also consider doing a RMA order to bring the items back to inventory. Depending on your business scenario, you may wish to expire or rma back the IB items.

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              To get one service customer created one order in CRM system (say A) and this order is came down to our system(say B) and we send it further to another system(say c). we got ok response from system whome we send the order i.e. (C), so in our system (B)we close the order.
              But unfortunately this order is failed in System C so we need to cancell this order. We cancelled the Order in system A but in our system(B) order is close so it is not possible to cancelled this order so we need to remove this item instance form install base.