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    Design time customizations not reflecting in Fusion application

      Hi Gurus,

      I created new custom Fusion Web Application(ADF) from Oracle Fusion Application Developer role and try to attach the custom page through Navigator.
      Below steps we followed.
      1. Create the New item(TestItemChild) by 'Inser Item Child' under Payables group in Navigator
      * After creation the item node it's reflected in 'Navigator' under 'Payables' group
      2. Create the EAR archive file for new custom Fusion Web Application(ADF) and deploy the EAR file in Payables manged servers.
      Custom Application contained Page(CustomInvoicesSearch.jspx) ,taskflow, ADFBC.
      After deploy the EAR file in payables managed servers i test the application using below url

      http://xxxxxxxx.xxx.xxx:7408/CustomSearchPage/faces/CustomInvoicesSearch.jspx it's running fine.

      3. After that add the following in new item node.
      Focus View ID-/CustomInvoicesSearch
      *Web Applications-Payables
      Secured Resource Name - mycompany.oracle.apps.view.pageDefs.CustomInvoicesSearchPageDEf
      *Application Name-fscm
      4. After editing the new item node with above values, new items not reflected in navigator.

      Could you please suggest me what things are missing here or anything is wrong in above steps.