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    Need EXPERT's suggestion for APEX CHART SERIES

      Hello Everyone,

      I have been trying to solve an issue with my apex line chart. The scenario is as follows:

      I have a table called revenue. revenues per year are saved in it. and revenues are generated from three sources which are also saved in the same table.
      I have made a line chart on it. works well.

      Now I have to show that if the value of one of the sources had fallen, how must have it affected the total. I made a number field that takes an estimated change value, and build my sql query with it. it works but the problem is that it changes the non-affected source too. it must change the value of the affected source only and hence the total value.

      I hope I make sense and anybody can suggest something.

      bold or I will put it this way, how can I write a select statement for a chart series so that one of the rows value does not change and the other two change. ... ?

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          Howard (... in Training)

          Let's work with this question since there is more detail here than in the other one. {thread:id=2543702}

          First it's always help to know:
          Full APEX version
          Full DB/version/edition/host OS
          Web server architecture (EPG, OHS or APEX listener/host OS)
          Browser(s) and version(s) used
          And sometimes this information as well.
          Region/item type(s)

          When a question goes unanswered for a while, there is no need to reply to it or to start a new question. You can edit the original question and just add "Bump" at the bottom and save the changes. This will bump it back to the top of the question list. And by that time, you might think of additional information you can add to the question.

          Say, why would a question go unanswered? Well, easy questions and frequently asked questions with well-known answers can be answered right away. Your question seems more complicated and I don't think we have all the information we need to understand exactly what the question is.

          You are doing a "series" chart. What kind of series chart: bar, column, line? What is each series? For example, components of revenue might be 1) sales, 2) licensing revenue and 3) other. Then you might have one series for sales, a second for licensing revenue and a third for other.

          Could you mock up a trivial example on apex.oracle.com http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=4700:1:0::::: ?