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    Convert GRID installation(Cluster) to Standalone (Oracle Restart)

    Sergey Shchukin
      Hi All!

      Does anyone know how to convert GRID installation to a Standalone (Oracle Restart). There are plenty articles on Internet how to convert Single installation to a cluster, but I need an opposite one.

      Basically I do the following

      1. Deconfigure CRS
      # GIRD_HOME/crs/install/rootcrs.pl -deconfig -force
      OK here

      2. Relink binaries with RAC option disabled
      cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib/
      make -f ins_rdbms.mk rac_off ioracle

      Here comes the question!
      If I run this under the user oracle it says that I have to issue this command under the user root.
      If I run this under the user root after the compilation I get some files ($GRID_HOME/bin/oracle for example) owned by root:root. And because of this rules issue HAS services fail to start if I'm not mistaken

      What am I doing wrong?

      Any help will be very appreciated! Thank you in advance!