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    install problems

      Ive turned off my virus software and my firewall and was finally able to get the Java download to download. I've uninstalled the old versions too. Now when double clicking on it to install it, I get a Open With menu which has Adobe etc. in it. The downloads will not run and install the Java. Ive read all the instructions and cant find what the problem is or how to fix it. Lots of normal things in my email etc wont run without the Java. Very frustrating. Any help would be appreciated.
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          Which JDK Version did you download?
          Need to download the JDK which is compatible with your PC's OS.
          Example: If your PC is installed with Windows 2007, download from the link http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html

          otherwise, download and install an IDE (Netbeans), which will automatically installs your JDK.

          All the best.