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    Recovering Voting Disk


      This is a general know-how question for Oracle RAC.

      Assuming I have only one voting disk with no mirrors and it has got corrupted. How do I recover it?


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          swapnil kambli
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          As to your question How about [url http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/rac.112/e16794/votocr.htm#i1011043] this Managing Voting Disks doc link ?
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            Mahir M. Quluzade
            Can you paste here ?
            crsctl query css votedisk
            crsctl stat res -t
            If you sure your Vote disk is corrupted, then you can use below steps, recover vote disk.

            1. Stop crs on all the nodes(if it does not stop, kill ohasd process and retry)
             crsctl stop crs -f
            2. Start crs in exclusive mode on one of the nodes (host01)
            crsctl start crs -excl
            3. Start asm instance on host01 using pfile
            echo INSTANCE_TYPE=ASM >> /u01/app/oracle/init+ASM1.ora 
            chown grid:oinstall /u01/app/oracle/init+ASM1.ora 
            SQL>startup pfile='/u01/app/oracle/init+ASM1.ora';
            4. Create a new diskgroup votedg
            5. Move voting disk to data diskgroup – voting disk is automatically recovered using latest available backup of OCR.
            crsctl replace votedisk +votedg
            5. Stop crs on host01(was running in exclusive mode)
            crsctl stop crs
            5. Restart crs on host01
            crsctl start crs
            6. Start cluster on all the nodes and check that it is running
            crsctl start cluster -all 
            crsctl stat res -t
            Mahir M. Quluzade