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    WLDF email notification only when managed server auto restarts through NM?

    Tom Verraes

      We want to configure WLDF in our WLS 12c environment, so that we receive an email every time one of our managed serves reboots through NM after a server crash. We don't want this notification when one of our administrators manually restarts a server through the default script or the WLS Administration Console.

      These are the tests that we have done already:
      * Auto restart through NM, after server crash -> OK, DONE
      * Configuration of WLDF to send email alerts every time a server state changes to RUNNING mode, based on the MSGID -> OK, we receive the emails

      Our missing link now is the email notification only when the server reboots after a crash.
      We investigated the log file and hoped to find a message like this "<BEA-????><Restarting server through NM after crash>", but this is not the case.

      Could you tell us which test we can use to implement our test?

      Thanks in advance!

      Best regards, Tom