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    XA Transaction Oracle Tuxedo - XA transaction log - xa_NULL<MMDDYYYY>.trc


      We are using Oracle Database as Resource Manager (RM) along with Oracle Tuxedo as Transaction Monitor (TM) to enable XA transactions. Oracel database give support for this and gives open and close information for resource manager (RM) as OPENINFO and CLOSEINFOR parameter.

      Setting for OPENINFO is :-


      We have provision to have XA transaction log (xa_NULL<MMDDYYYY>.trc ) file generated from our application. Each night a new file is created but all Tuxedo application servers do not move to use new files instead some application server keep old file handles (may be seven days back) and due to this log maintainence activities can not be performed as file inode is still used.

      I checked through Tuxedo forum and got to know that log files are generated by the Oracle Database client,Unfortunately Tuxedo isn't really in the loop in creating or using those log files as all Tuxedo knows is that the servers are using some XA compliant resource manager.

      date ; fuser xa_NULL05202013.trc
      Tue May 28 15:35:04 CEST 2013
      xa_NULL05202013.trc: 11862114 35782730 36044908 36765822
      This may be due to the fact that if one application server instance is not used so file handle used during last transaction (may be of quite old like 7 days back) and that still tried.

      Is there a way to let all application server instances use new file instead of old one ? Can it be enforced through some configuration change ?

      Ajeet Tewari