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    How can I map sub-urls to a single PL/SQL function?

    D Roe
      I have an application which uses the Oracle HTTP Server with mod_plsql. It uses flexible parameter passing with a function like this:
          PROCEDURE dispatch
              (name_array  IN OWA.VC_ARR
              ,value_array IN OWA.VC_ARR);
      This allows URLs like <PREFIX>/!dispatch/some/sub/url?p1=v1 (and any others under /!dispatch/) to all be handled through that single function. I then use OWA_UTIL.get_cgi_env('PATH_INFO') to get the "some/sub/url" part.

      We're in the process of migrating our database to a new server and we're trying to work out if we can get rid of the HTTP Server and use the APEX Listener instead. Flexible parameter passing seems to work but the PATH_INFO part doesn't (at least not by default). It seems to want to match the entire URL rather than matching a prefix and then populating the PATH_INFO variable with the remainder. This results in any URL under /!dispatch returning an error. Is there any way to use the APEX Listener to call a generic function for all sub-urls?