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    Error installing ODT 11_2_0_3_20 on Windows 7 Enterprise 64 with VS10/12

      Hello all,

      I'm struggling to get ODT installed on my laptop. I use Windows 7 64-bit Enterprise. I have an Oracle 11gR2 64-bit Enterprise Edition installed. I have VS 2010 and VS 2012 Ultimate installed.

      When installing, I choose:

      * "Oracle Data Access Components for Oracle Server"
      * My existing 11gR2 64-bit Enterprise Oracle Home directory
      * I select these components to install (Developer Tools for VS, DAC Samples, DAC Documentation for VS 10/12)
      * ODP.Net says "Already installed v."
      * Oracle Extensions for Dot Net says "Already installed v."

      I click Next and select both VS 2010 and VS 2012.

      The install churns for awhile until at 65% I get an error dialog which says "OLE initialization or OCX load error while registering OCX". The file it was working on at the time is "c:\oracle\product\11.2\dbhome_1\bin\oravsdbgeng11w.dll".

      I tried going to c:\windows\system32 and running regsvr32.exe to register the dll manually. When I do so, I get an error which says "The module xxx may not be compatible with the version of Windows that you're running. Check if the module is compatible with x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of regsvr32.exe"

      I also tried registering using the regsvr32.exe in c:\windows\syswow64 and got the same error.
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          You've got Oracle Server installed on your laptop and now want to install the developer tools as well?

          What you'll need to do is this:
          1. Run the ODT installer, and let it install into a new home. It can't go in the same place as your existing Oracle directory, especially since it's a 32 bit version and your server is 64 bit. That just won't play nice at all.
          2. If it asks, choose Oracle Data Access Components for Oracle Client (you're installing a client in this case, not a server).

          You may need to do some clean up to get everything working together now, but that's the basics of what's required.