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    How to integrate custom web application within Fusion Environment?

      Hi all,

      I have created a simple custom web application with JDeveloper (
      From JDeveloper this application is running successfully through the IntegratedWebLogicServer connected with our Fusion Database.

      Now I want to integrate this custom web application within our our Fusion Environment (11.1.4).
      The final goal is to make it available inside the navigator menu in Fusion Applications.
      I need some guidance how to get this done.

      For example I have created an EAR-file. Where should this file be deployed?
      How can I create an entry in the navigation menu pointing to this web application?
      The web application should be handled just like seeded pages. (no additional security, login, etc.) How do I manage that?

      I have checked several Oracle Guides and forums (also blogs.oracle.com/fadevrel), but still it is not clear to me.
      Maybe I am on the wrong track, I don't know.

      Kind regards,
      Cor van Dongen
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          Jani Rautiainen-Oracle
          How you deploy your EAR depends on the type of environment you have. For "OnSite" deployment you would need to contact the production system administrator to have your application deployed on the production WLS. The administrator would decide where and how the application is deployed, the process would be specific to the site.
          The security behavior depends on the configuration, e.g. when you enable security on your application various [url http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E14571_01/web.1111/b31974/adding_security.htm#BGBDEHFH]files are created / updated. When deployed to production these configurations need to be changed to suite the production instance, i.e. in development environments authentication is enforced by security constraints while in production this is achieved e.g. using OAM policies. The specific details depend on the instance.
          For Cloud environments you would need to deploy the application e.g. on [url https://cloud.oracle.com/mycloud/f?p=service:home:0]Java Cloud Service instance as applications cannot be deployed on the Cloud production instance.
          To integrate with the navigator menu refer to the [url http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E15586_01/fusionapps.1111/e16691/ext_nm.htm]Customizing the Navigator Menu documentation.

          Jani Rautiainen
          Fusion Applications Developer Relations
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            Hi Jani,

            Thanks for helping out.

            Later this week I will look into it with our DBA.
            With your guide lines further investigation should be possible.

            I will post the outcome for the other users.
            Or additional questions of course ;-)

            Kind regards,