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    Recovery After OS failed upgrade

      We will be upgrading our OS from Oracle Linux 5 update 2 to Oracle Linux 5 update 9. I want to ensure we can recovery if anything goes wrong. We have a three node RAC with the following setup:

      Oracle Linux 5 update 2
      Oracle Grid Infrastructure
      Oracle Database
      Backup Software: Netbackup

      OS and Oracle Software Installations on Mirrored Disk (ext3)
      DATA Diskgroup on RAID10 (ASM)
      FRA Diskgroup on RAID10 (ASM)
      GRID Diskgroup on Mirrored Disk (ASM) -- OCR/Voting Disks/ASMParameterfile

      SCENARIO: OS upgrade fails and we need to recovery to backup. Have OS/Oracle Software partition file-based backup. We have RMAN database backup.

      * SysAdmin says he can only perform file-based backup of OS/Oracle Software partition. Is a file-based backup sufficent or is a image (bare-metal) backup required?
      * ASMLib packages will be upgraded. Will this affect ASM Disk or data on ASM disks?
      * What additional steps should be performed to ensure successful restoration?
      * Any recommended steps that may not be required?

      Thanks in advance.