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      Hi All ,
      We do have some 10g and 11g r1 r2 RAC databases with 2-5 nodes and corresponding dev and test databases. Customer wants to reduce the resources and hence
      they want to remove few nodes from databses which have like 3-5 nodes and remove one or more nodes as possible. Now the question that i need to answer is
      can we reduce the nodes will that have any impact on the system application/database and finally performance. I have taken some average transaction rates on each node as i was asked to. I have informed them its more about availability and they seem to have never had an issue with availability till now . What is your input on this what all things should i check before saying that ok one node can be removed from the cluster .
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          Satishbabu Gunukula
          I have seen customers removing & adding nodes. Removing node is easy.

          Before you decide removing the node you need to check load on the system. We dont know about your application and system load.
          If you have any test environment you can simulate the load and test.

          refer below link to simulate the load using Oracle Database Replay in 11g

          Hope this helps,

          ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [krcrfi_nohist]
          Oracle RMAN backup fails with ORA-01031 insufficient privileges
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            I would suggest you to stop the services from the node to be deleted and monitor the application performance for few days and if you find there is no such regression in application performance and no such complain from user end, I think you can go ahead for deletion of one of cluster node.