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    11gR2 - Statically defining listener.ora in GRID_HOME with SCAN listener.


      Grid Infrastructure 11.2.0
      DB & DB

      For all databases on this RAC, I am allowing the Grid Infrastructure SCAN listener handle all the connections which is fine. However, without using the DBHOME Local listener - How do I statically define listener values in the GRID_HOME listener.ora?

      On some of my setup, where Dataguard is present - I will need to statically define XPT, DGB in the listener.ora in order for these services to be listening while the broker is handling Dataguard Switchovers. These will allow the databases to be restarted automatically, without the need to "manually" startup the databases.

      Mind you, some of my setups do not require the XPT and DGB to be statically defined in order for the databases to be started up automatically during a switchover.

      Statically defining XPT and DGB was a workaround that Metalink also suggested on my SR some time ago, however that was more obvious to define under DBHOME listener.ora. Under 11g GRID_HOME, it seems more dynamic.