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    R12 Excel Template - Multiple Sheet Error

      Hi All,

      I am trying to Generate Multiple Sheets (Dynamic) using Excel Template eg. Dept 10, 20, 30, each department have n employees

      Output Required
      Sheet 1: Summary
      10 x employees
      20 y employees
      30 z employees

      Sheet2: Dept 10 with employee details
      Sheet3: Dept 20 with employee details
      Sheet4: Dept 30 with employee details


      I am able to achieve this using Template Viewer by using 2 sheets at design time summary and details(details will be dynamically created for each department) but when I tried to register this template in R12 it generates 6 sheets 2 for 10 dept, 2 for 20 dept and 2 for 30 dept (No Summary Sheet)

      It is not referring Column C "Sheet Name" to start from XML META DATA sheet and applying the XDO_SHEET? to both available sheets(Summary & Details).

      When I use 1 sheet it is working fine (dept 10, 20, 30.. no summary sheet)

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