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    Latest 2013 PSU for clusterware not found in Support.oracle


      We have clusterware and DB version (2 Node RAC) on RHL5-64vesion. I want to apply PSU to both homes which are separated. I found the psu for April 2013 for DB which is, but I when I choose Oracle Clusterware and choose version to look for recommended Patch Advisor in the Support.oracle, I do not find clusterware version.

      Could you please suggest, that am I searching it wrong or there is in fact no PSU for clusterware?
      [oracle@db01 bin]$ crsctl query crs activeversion
      CRS active version on the cluster is []
      [oracle@db01 bin]$ crsctl query crs softwareversion
      CRS software version on node [db01] is []
      Thanks a lot in advance.

      Best Regards

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