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    Hardware recommendations for learning Solaris Cluster on Sparc (at home)

      On a low budget, I'd like to put together a Solaris Cluster on Sparc (at home). At "work" in the next year we will be implementing a Solaris Cluster to run Tomcat and a custom CORBA server. (These apps will be migrated from very old hardware and VCS) The CORBA server is a Sparc binary, hence the need for Sparc. I'd like my home-office cluster to be similar in function to what I have at work. At work we have (2) T5120 Servers and a 2540 (2500-M2) Array waiting. From looking at the Solaris Cluster docs, it looks like you use a 2540 in a Direct-Connect configuration. We will be going to Solaris Cluster training eventually, but not soon. In the meantime, I'd like to keep/gain some skills/experience.

      Potential (cheap) Home Cluster:
      (2) SunFire V245 or (2) T1000 or (2) something_cheap
      connected to
      (1) Storedge D2 or (1) Storedge S1

      My main desire, is for the interconnects and failover on this Home Cluster to behave the same way as the T5120s with the 2540 Array. Example, if I yank a HD (or replace) then I'd like it to give very similar messages to what I will face at work in the future. I'd like the creation of ZFS pools etc to work similarly. I'd like SCSI cards (HBAs or whatever) and cabling to be cheap.

      Any recommendations on hardware> Servers? Arrays? SCSI Cards/cabling?