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    Need some help with OID / SSO and Portal

    Michael Armstrong-Smith
      Hi everyone
      I know its not usual for me to ask you for help but I do this time.

      For my new book I've been working on a Windows 64 bit system and I have Weblogic fully working, I have 11g database and I Discoverer This is all working fine.

      What I need to do is to be able to test out SSO. Oracle tell me I should be using Oracle Access Manger. Has anyone done this with 11g and do by chance have the steps?

      Secondly, I do not have Portal installed and I would like to do so. I only have an 11g database and I don't have any repository installed for Portal. Does anyone have the steps for hooking Portal up with Discoverer 11g after the event?

      I'm hoping to tap the knowledge of someone who has already done the above. Can you help?

      Feel free to email me. My email is in my profile.

      Best wishes