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    1 schema limitation ...


      Why this 1 schema limitation in Oracle database cloud ? We have APEX applications that read of more than 1 schema and we want to upload these apps to the Cloud. What options do we have ? Changing all our apps to be a single schema is not an option for us since we will have to make too many changes in our code.

      Do we need to buy licenses for 2 schemas and even if we do this, will we be allowed to create grants and permissions between these schemas in the Oracle Cloud ?

      Thanks - Yesh
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          Hi Yesh -

          The thought was to keep the initial rollout of the Database Cloud simple, primarily from a security lockdown standpoint. Your proposed solution to buy 2 Services is probably not going to work, since you could not create a synonym in one Service that referenced another Service. You would have to create RESTful Web Services to communicate between two different schemas which, I assume, would be a fairly intensive process.

          We are working on a solution that will allow you to have multiple schemas in an offering on the Oracle Cloud. Stay tuned, as they say.

          Hope this helps.

          - Rick Greenwald
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            Thanks Rick.

            Will be looking forward to the multiple-schema offering. Until this is done, we cannot upload our APEX applications .......