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    Can not find disks when creating ASM disk group ( on OEL 6)


      I`m trying to install Grid on OEL6.
      Every thing is fine until it prompt to ask where I want to put OCR and VOTING DISK. I choose to put them in ASM. So it prompt another window to ask create ASM DISK GROUP.
      In this window there was an area called "add disk". There suppose to be some disks listed in this area to chose. But in my case, nothing here. I can not chose disks to add to ASM DISK GROUP.

      Below are descriptions of my installation.

      Oracle Grid
      OEL 6 as the platform.
      I use two nodes mounting the same NFS. I created some zero-padded files on the NFS directory as the ASM DISKS. (This disks should be showing the the area above)
      I install everything using only one account oracle. The group is oinstall and dba

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