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    Oracle BPM10g

      Hi every one,

      I am new to Oracle BPM10g.So can you please tell me How to use and implement each and every activity in Oracle BPM10g studio. Previously I worked on Oracle BPM11g.Can you please share the links with examples. It's very urgent requirement.

      Thanks & Regards,
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          Kasi Vishwanath Raju,

          Please go through this url... for basics components of Oracle BPM 10g

          Added there is not much of difference between 10g and 11g as per component level..

          Implementation wise you will be using PBL(Process Business Language) and PAPI (Process API) calls



          PAPI: PAPI is a Java API a Java API that can be invoked by any Java application which is used to
          1) Create, send and abort process instances and Get a list of process instances
          2) Reassign process instances
          3)Audit an instance
          4)Suspend and resume process instances
          5)Run interactive and global interactive activities
          6)Run external tasks
          7)Send notifications and Manage attachments
          8)Get a list of deployed processes
          9)List the activities in a deployed process

          Hope this might help u.
          Please revert if u need any information on the same..

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            Kasi Vishwanadha raju,


            This will really help if u want to learn each and every component and PBL basics and etc...

            Hope this mught help you..

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              Thanks pavan

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                Hi Pava,

                Thanks for giving quick response. This is very use full, I have to learn Oracle BPM10g.Can you please send if you have any sample scenario's, how to implement on each and every activity.

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                  Oracle BPM Sample projects are available with the installation of Oracle BPM Studio. They can be found at <\OraBPMStudioHome\samples>\*
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                    Hi user1017791,

                    Yes I got it. But Its looking like as experts. But I am learner. will you please send me,if you have any document
                    and step by step procedure. Its very helpful for me.

                    Thanks & Regards,
                    kasiraju rudraraju,
                    Oracle SOA11/BPM11g developer.
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                      What do you want to achieve? Do you want to study the code base? if so, import the projects in form of .exp file in your studio and start from a process in project. Please refer to Studio->Help->Help Contents->Oracle BPM Studio help to get started with Oracle BPM Studio 10gR3. This comes shipped with elaborating and explaining one of the projects in Studio sample directory. Once you have gained some familiarity Studio->Help->Help Contents->Oracle BPM Tutorial would be the best platform to leverage what you have learnt in your previous excercise with Studio help. This section is also explains another project available in Studio Sample folder in details.

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                        Thanks Subho for quick response and suggesting.
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                          Hello Kasi,

                          Please find the url for Oracle BPM 10g Studio


                          First Accept the License Agreement abd then download the desired versionof Studio.

                          Hope this might help u...