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    How to run a managed server on a different physical server?


      A) I have the following configuration:

      1) Server A:

      Weblogic software with domain is installed.

      MachineA (ListenAddress=localhost, port=5556)
      AdminServer (Uses MachineA, port=7001)
      ManagedServer01 (Uses MachineA, port-7002)
      ManagedServer02 (Uses MachineA, port-7003)

      2) Server B:

      Weblogic sofware with domain is installed.

      I wish to have ManagedServer11 running on ServerB, and be started/stopped using the Node Manager running on ServerA.

      B) My questions:

      1) Where to create ManagedServer11, on ServerA ot ServerB?
      2) What properties should give to ManagedServer11?

      Thanks by advance for any tips or explanations.
      Kind Regards.